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By the time you finish scrolling this page, 300 hours of new videos would be uploaded online

The world has changed.
And remained the same.

At first we believed in newspaper advertising. Then in television. Then we believed in the Internet. Now we do not believe in anything. Nevertheless, we continue to buy.

How can one provide a predictable result from advertising in the world of irrational behavior?

We are the first in Ukraine to combine scientific approach of behavioral economics with the art of storytelling in order to specifically affect the selected target audience through social networks.

Why does it work?



We create a plot that grabs from the first frame and holds on till the last. We apply storytelling – “rules” of development of fascinating stories taken from cinema and literature.


We apply a unique set of triggers for selected audience. Which results in a mini-film that does not resemble traditional advertising at all. It becomes something you don’t want to miss. And affects you on a deeper level.


We ignore TV ads. Studies have shown that the level of trust and reach are falling every year. We publish the story on social networks, adapting it for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube … We connect it to the sales funnel and measure the results.

Examples of our works

What makes us unique?


These are the rules of creating stories. There is no formula for success, but knowledge of certain methods and techniques allows you to create stories that “work”. Despite obvious significance of creativity in the process of creating a script, plot twists and development rules remain unchanged. And the history of cinema has repeatedly shown that deviations from these rules will inevitably lead to a failure at the box office and loss of audience’s interest.

How do we know that? By having many years of experience in filmmaking.

Behavioral economics?

Science about influence of non-obvious factors on a person’s economic behavior, which among other things allows to predict illogical buying choices. It’s such a powerful tool that when used correctly can nudge selected audience towards new ways of acting and thinking.

How do we know? By having years of research and experience in psychology, NLP and consulting.

We don’t make empty promises about virality.

Our approached is backed by research and science.

1st page is the beginning of a good book.
1st minute is the beginning of a favorite movie.
1 Storytelling Agency is the beginning of your brand’s incredible story.